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« This Is Us Sometimes (HD, New, TV-14) Kevin and Zoe go to Vietnam together; in the past, Jack and Rebecca set out on a road trip to Los Angeles; Jack's war story continues to be made known.
New Amsterdam Domino Effect (HD, New, TV-14) Max must determine if he can be present during a domino transplant procedure in the hospital; Iggy progresses on a long-standing case.
22News at 11:00PM (New) The day's major news events, business reports, sports updates, Springfield area weather information and tomorrow's forecast are presented by the 22News Team
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (HD, New, TV-14) Actress Viola Davis; actor Wyatt Russell; musical guest Muse performs.

« Black Lightning The Book of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem (HD, New, TV-14) Jefferson and Anissa investigate the hometown of a creepy man at the clinic and make a deplorable discovery; Tobias puts a growing amount of pressure on Khalil.
22News at 10:00PM (New)
The Goldbergs The Age of Darkness (HD, TV-PG) Beverly is upset when she realizes that she cannot help Erica after she is dumped; Barry's obsession with a new arcade game leads to an intervention.
The Goldbergs Flashy Little Flashdancer (HD, TV-PG) Beverly decides to take up dance, but she later gets dispirited; Adam thinks his friendship with Emmy is in danger when she begins to date a boy.
Seinfeld The Slicer (HD, TV-PG) Dissatisfied with the quality of the meat in his sandwiches, Kramer gets a meat slicer; Jerry develops a skin condition and blames his new doctor girlfriend.
Seinfeld The Fire (HD, TV-PG) George panics when there is a false fire alarm at a kid's birthday party, abandoning everyone in his escape; Jerry gets revenge on a heckler.

« Criminal Minds Mixed Signals (HD, TV-14) The team is summoned to Taos, N.M., to investigate a certain UnSub who has been targeting the temporal lobes of those he chooses as victims.
Criminal Minds Believer (HD, TV-14) The BAU begins to cast doubts on the credibility of a former FBI special agent's accounts of looking for an UnSub that he called "The Strangler."
Private Eyes Fashion Crimes (TV-14) A former hockey player teams up with a detective to form an unlikely investigative powerhouse and find redemption while solving crimes.
Private Eyes Now You See Her... (TV-14) A former hockey player teams up with a detective to form an unlikely investigative powerhouse and find redemption while solving crimes.

« Without a Trace True (HD, TV-14) When Hannah's boyfriend disappears shortly after running away from home to be with her in New York, Jack hesitates with assigning his team the case.
Without a Trace Undertow (HD, TV-14) A man suddenly goes missing following a late-night diving session; Danny and Elena contemplate taking their relationship to the next level.
Without a Trace Vanished (HD, TV-14) When the Missing Persons Squad is tasked with searching for a missing marketing executive, they unexpectedly uncover a mysterious ransom note.
The FBI Files The Shootist (HD, TV-14) In the late 1980s, a lone gunman responsible for the longest string of unsolved bank robberies in FBI history, finds a match in the FBI.
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